Redis®* for Windows alternative,
In-Memory Datastore

The only enterprise-ready, professionally supported, native
Windows port of Redis 7.

  • The functionality
    of Redis 7

  • The familiarity
    of Windows

  • The Power
    of Visual Studio

  • The assurance of 24/7
    professional support

  • The convenience of
    native Windows system
    log integration


The Benefits
of Redis 7

Access Control Lists (ACL)

Assign access rights to users based on identity or role

Enhanced API Functionality

REST API and secure TLS connections

Client Side Caching

Client applications can store data locally for faster access

Diskless Replicas

Scale access with multiple synchronized replicas that reduce latency

Faster Loading

Faster loading of persisted data

The Benefits of Redis Compatibility

Global network of Redis experts

Use existing Redis applications without modification

The Benefits
of Caching

Faster Response Time

Reduced database server costs

Improved scalability


Subject matter experts available on demand

SLAs with guaranteed response as fast as 1 hour

The Benefits
of Windows

Largest availability of professional developers

Most advanced development environments, including Visual Studio

Global network of trained system administrators


Servers on Windows

System environment
Suitable for production use?
Designed and optimized for Windows?
Easy setup experience?
Runs on all versions of Windows?
Uncompromised performance?
Emulation / Virtualization


The reviews are in. People love Memurai

"The solution we built has a SaaS and an on-prem component. After struggling with Redis on Windows version 3.x, which was out of support for a while, we switched to Memurai which is compatible with Redis 5. We were very pleased as the issues we had been struggling with were all instantly solved. I am happy to recommend Memurai."

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Current version: 4.0.3 - Redis API 5

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