Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum system requirements to run Memurai for Windows?
Memurai runs on Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2, or higher. Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016, or higher, are recommended for optimal performance. At the moment, only 64-bit versions of Windows are supported.
What version of Redis is Memurai compatible with?
Memurai is compatible with Redis 5.
What client libraries are compatible with Memurai?
Memurai is fully compatible with the Redis network protocol, so all client libraries compatible with Redis 5 also work with Memurai.
How much will Memurai cost?
Memurai will have a tiered pricing scheme that will fit different users' needs. The details are not available yet, but there will be a free edition aimed at development use.
Does Memurai for Windows have any limitations compared to Redis on Linux?
Unix domain sockets are not supported. Besides that, there are a few configuration flags that are not supported because they don't apply to the Windows environment. See the documentation for more information.
Can I run Memurai as a Windows service?
Yes, Memurai can be installed as a Windows service during the initial setup or later on using the command line options. See the documentation for more information.
How fast is Memurai for Windows?
Perfomance is at par with Redis on Linux.
Can I use Memurai as a cache? Or as a primary database?
Yes, Memurai can be used as a cache and a primary database.

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Current version: 1.0.8 - Redis API 5