The Memurai teamMarch 22, 2022

Announcing Memurai 3 with Redis™* 6.0 features

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We’re very proud to announce Memurai 3.0!

Memurai is fully compatible with Redis, bringing the features of Redis 6.0 to Windows, including:
• encrypted connections using Transport Layer Security (TLS)
• fine-grained Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Are you ready to experience 2 million requests per second on a single box? To try it for yourself, download the developer edition at

Highlights from the release notes follow.

Access Control Lists

ACLs allow you to create multiple users, each with their own password and set of permissions. Among other things, this allows you to limit the commands users can run and the data that they can access.

• You can prevent users from calling KEYS on a production server
• You can prevent administrators from calling FLUSHALL by mistake
• You can designate a key prefix to mark sensitive information (or other types of information), and then permit only some users to access keys with that prefix.

Transport Layer Security

TLS enables secure communications with Memurai servers and the discovery service. Memurai 3 supports TLS 1.2.

Improved RDB File Loading

RDB files are now 50% faster to load! ..

For more details, see the Memurai 3.0 release notes.

On behalf of the Memurai team,
Benedetto Proietti

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