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The Memurai teamApril 27, 2020

Announcing Memurai Enterprise and Memurai Developer!

Technical articles and news about Memurai.

Close to a year ago we announced the Technical Preview of Memurai, a Windows-native cache and datastore compatible with Redis™* 5. The technical preview generated a tremendous amount of interest from all around the globe from a wide variety of industries such as telecommunications, e-commerce, energy, insurance, fintech and many more. Today, the Memurai team is pleased to announce the official release of Memurai Enterprise and Memurai Developer.

This launch brings the following new features and capabilities to Memurai:

  • Memurai Enterprise is ready for production workloads! Our early adopters are pleased with its reliability and performance.
  • Memurai Developer Edition as a free download.
  • Brings Memurai on par with Redis 5.0.9.
  • Windows Event Log integration.
  • A series of bug fixes and improvements based on feedback from our early adopters.
  • Retiring Memurai Technical Preview; it will stop running on May 1st 2020.

Ready to learn more?

A high-level overview of how to get started with Memurai:

  1. Intrigued by the Windows Event Log integration? This article clarifies most of your questions.
  2. Wrestling with some Memurai challenges? Post the details on Stack Overflow for community support.
  3. Looking for expert help to solve some architectectural challenges? The Memurai consulting services team is here to help.
  4. Stay in touch with us via: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Stack Overflow and email.
<br/> <br/> <sup><sub>* Redis is a trademark of Redis Ltd. Any rights therein are reserved to Redis Ltd. Any use by Memurai is for referential purposes only and does not indicate any sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation between Redis and Memurai</sub></sup>