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The Memurai teamDecember 6, 2023

Meet Memurai 4: A New Benchmark for Redis-7-Compatible, Windows-Native In-Memory Data Stores

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Released on November 29th, the latest installment of Memurai 4 not only matches but elevates the standards set by its predecessors. Memurai 4 is a Redis-7-compatible cache and data store for Windows. Memurai supports all the Redis features you know and love, such as persistence, replication, transactions, LUA scripting, high availability, pub/sub, cluster, modules, streams, and LRU eviction. In fact, it supports all of the Redis API 7 eviction policies. Key improvements include:

  • Adoption of the new RDB format version 10, streamlining future updates but signaling the end of backwards compatibility with previous versions.

  • AOF handling enhancements, utilizing multiple files for reduced overhead, signaling a clear step forward but also a commitment to the new version without rollback.

  • Automatic on-the-fly conversion of ziplist encoded keys to listpacks from older RDB formats, enhancing data structure efficiency.

  • Improved log file handling, freeing up log locks during operations for easier management and rotation.

  • Enhanced Memurai-cli for a more user-friendly command-line experience.

These enhancements are designed to optimize your data infrastructure and set a new standard for Redis-compatible data management on Windows.

Ready to Upgrade?

Embrace the new capabilities of Memurai 4 and ensure your data infrastructure is up-to-date and more powerful than ever.

For developers and enthusiasts:

Download Memurai 4 Developer Edition Free Here

For enterprise-level production environments seeking Redis compatibility on Windows:

Discover Memurai 4 Enterprise Edition

Thank you for your continued engagement. We are excited to support your transition to Memurai 4, a new era of in-memory data management.