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Jeff GreenbergMay 11, 2021

Memurai Certified Safe for DoD Networks: Delivers Redis®*-compatible Functionality for Military Windows Servers

Technical articles and news about Memurai.

Memurai announced that version 2.x of its in-memory datastore has been certified in accordance with (IAW) AFI 17-101 for use on DoD Server Core Configuration systems connected to the Air Force Network (AFNET) and AF SIPRNet. Memurai version 2.x has also been placed on the AF Evaluated Products List (AF EPL).

“Redis has been improving the performance of enterprise applications for 12 years,” said Memurai Business Head Benedetto Proietti. “Memurai is based on the Redis source code, ported from Linux to Windows and enhanced to provide maximum functionality and compatibility in the Windows environment. This certification ensures that all Redis capabilities are now available for DoD users of Windows Server 2012, 2016 and 2019.”

By providing compatibility with the Redis API on Windows, Memurai enables enterprise customers to use the same tools and skill sets they already have in place to manage all of their existing Windows applications. This eliminates the need to procure Linux tools, complete Linux training and maintain Linux systems.

Memurai’s enhancements include the following:

  • Memurai rewrote the network stack and optimized it for the Windows APIs
  • Memurai fixed the many fork problems in Microsoft’s MSOpenTech Redis port, which was deprecated in 2016
  • Memurai added support for the Windows Event Log, providing a common interface for system administrators
  • Memurai enabled the system to run as a Windows service
  • Memurai created NuGet and Chocolatey packages to simplify development, installation and integration into .NET projects
  • Memurai created a Winget installer to enable simplified development, installation through the new 2020 edition of Windows Terminal and Windows Package Manager

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